I am a wife, mother, Disney addict and TV lover.  I suffer from a multitude of invisible disabilities.  I enjoy watching TV, blogging, writing and of course spending time with my family at Disneyland. IMAG0218_2

What is it like to live with chronic pain?  Think back to a time when you may have broken a bone, sprained an ankle, or have had surgery.  Remember how intense your pain was on the first day?  Now think about your recovery time.  You may have needed someone to help you.  Whether you needed assistance or not, it is safe to say that normal tasks took a little longer and had to be approached differently.  Now imagine that you had a setback.  Maybe you fell and reinjured your original injury or added a new injury.  This puts you back at day one, yet worse because you were still recovering from your previous injury.  This is the life of someone in chronic pain.  The only difference is that you recovered from your injury and returned to your pain free life.  Those of us with chronic pain never heal.  We will never experience the relief of waking without pain.

May your days be filled with gentle hugs and pixie dust!

The Disabled Diva


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30 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there–
    I am a contributing editor to a new site for people with chronic pain – PainResource.com. I’d love to interview you for a piece on the site about your Amazon Kindle book. If you are interested could you let me know? We can do a brief phone call or I can send you questions by email. Thanks so much for considering this request!
    Lorie Parch


  2. Great! I don’t know your name or have your email address – would you be able to email me privately at lorieparch at gmail dot com and we can get started? Thanks so much!


  3. Looks are deceiving and people might think they are complementing but to hear you look great when I spend so much time sick and bed ridden is hurtful. Has anyone tried this diatamaceous earth I keep hearing about? Supposed to help Fibro. Its’ dirt and yes people are eating dirt. There has to be many people singing its’ praises for me to think its an option.


  4. Hello there,

    I was just looking for information online on how to deal with chronic pain and I came across your blog here. I’m a sufferer of chronic pain from a movement disorder I’ve had scenes my childhood. I can truly say pain can change your life even more so if that pain never leaves you.

    Be well…


      1. Same for me, and thanks hun its great to know that I’m not the only one. I use to think it was all in my head until the Doctors told me its not. I would like to know how do you deal with your pain when it gets unbearable or when it starts driving you nuts, because for me its hard I don’t like taking pain pills plus my issues started with medications, I’ve also tried a lot of remedies with no luck. Hugs coming back at ya.:)


  5. I just published a post (Pain Relief) to answer your question. It was easier than trying to fit my reply into a comment. :) Hope my answer helps you or anyone else that is interested. Have a great day!


  6. Dear Diva-what it hurts me is people who tell me I make myself ill because I get something from it!
    Right-20 year of pain is what I have gotten so far. Have you heard this?


  7. Hi! Good to connect with you too! Thanks for your tweet. Wishing you one pain free hour every day. I will be reading more about you in the coming weeks! Blessings, Val


  8. I am sad today. I hurt so much everywhere from the fibro, budgling disc in neck and back, dislocated jaw (tmj) trapped nerves in arm and leg that I can’t stop crying. My joints are swollen in my fingers and it hurts to type this. I was trying to fill out disability papers and got aggervated. My guy doesn’t understand. He wants me to work. I have so much house work and laundry. I do it everyday. I make sure dinner is on the table when he gets in and it is hard having my son home for the summer. He is 16 and needy. I guess I am just complaining and need to vent.


    1. I’m so sorry you’re having such a bad day..no worries about needing to vent. We would be completely alone if we didn’t have our pain pals…I hope your pain decreases and you can get some rest…


      1. Blessings to you today and every day!! It is so difficult to self advocate when in so much pain and so sick. Big hug!!


  9. Glad to meet you (via twitter), sorry you’re so ill. I have the chronic migraine thing where people think it’s ‘just a headache’ and pop a couple of Tylenol, and should go away in an hour.


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