I am a wife, mother, Disney addict and TV lover.  I suffer from a multitude of invisible disabilities.  I enjoy watching TV, blogging, writing and of course spending time with my family at Disneyland. IMAG0218_2

  1. lorie828 says:

    Hi there–
    I am a contributing editor to a new site for people with chronic pain – PainResource.com. I’d love to interview you for a piece on the site about your Amazon Kindle book. If you are interested could you let me know? We can do a brief phone call or I can send you questions by email. Thanks so much for considering this request!
    Lorie Parch

  2. lorie828 says:

    Great! I don’t know your name or have your email address – would you be able to email me privately at lorieparch at gmail dot com and we can get started? Thanks so much!

  3. Denise Cataldo says:

    Looks are deceiving and people might think they are complementing but to hear you look great when I spend so much time sick and bed ridden is hurtful. Has anyone tried this diatamaceous earth I keep hearing about? Supposed to help Fibro. Its’ dirt and yes people are eating dirt. There has to be many people singing its’ praises for me to think its an option.

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